A Visit from Uncle Sam

Sep 30, 2013

No, I am not referring to an IRS audit.

We recently had a visit from members of the US government to discuss technology trends in a number of areas.  They asked us not to mention them by name or organization, but suffice it to say their interest in technology is both deep and broad.  We were able to share our thoughts in a number of areas of mutual interest.

We started with a brief overview of the company along with our products and customers.  This was to set the stage for the more detailed technology discussions.

Regular readers of this blog know that Overture recently launched our new Ensemble OSA architecture, which includes aspects of cloud technology such as virtualization, open APIs and heavy use of software ecosystems.  It also incorporates aspects of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), both of which are hot trends in the industry.  We had quite a bit of discussion here.  For more on Ensemble OSA and its supporting technologies, please see here on the Overture web site.

We also talked about access technologies in the Metro Edge.  Overture’s products provide CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet services across a broad array of media, including unbundled copper, T1/E1, DS3, SONET and dark fiber.  This broad array of access media are needed for consistent service delivery to a broad array of sites and applications, including business, data center and mobile backhaul.  We also touched on recent discussions at the FCC regarding changes to unbundled access.  See “Special Access, Part 2: No Longer Special?” for more on this topic.

Finally we shared our thoughts about trends in hardware and software engineering.  The tools and processes that we used have changed radically during the course of my career.  We are now able to quickly create, verify and deliver designs of staggering complexity and functionality, and this has been enabled by developments in the tools and processes that we use.

We often joke about the various branches of the Federal Government, especially with respect to technology.  I am pleased to say that some of the Feds are clearly very forward-thinking and curious about new technology developments.  It was a pleasure having these discussions.

About the Author
Prayson Pate is Chief Technologist and co-founder at Overture. Prayson is a technology evangelist with a proven track record leading teams and delivering products. Since 1983 he has been building Carrier Ethernet and telecom products for service providers and network operators around the world – both as an individual developer and as a leader of development teams. Prayson spends much of his time driving adoption of Overture’s new Ensemble Open Service Architecture, which includes aspects of automation, virtualization, SDN and NFV. He has a BSEE from Duke, an MSECE from NC State and is the holder of nine US patents.

Follow Prayson on twitter: @praysonpate

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