Some Recent Collections of SDN and NFV Articles

Jul 2, 2013 by Prayson Pate

This week I am providing a short blog describing two recent summaries of articles on SDN and NFV.  Can you spot the one article on both lists?




SDN and NFV: Survey of Articles Comparing and Contrasting

Prayson Pate writing at CTO Vision - June 28, 2013

I wrote this article to provide an overview of six recent articles, including a synopsis and rating for each.  I based the rating on relevance and readability.

The articles include:

  • Uniting SDN and NFV
  • NFV and SDN: What’s the Difference?
  • SDN & NFV: Where’s the Synergy?
  • NFV vs. SDN: How Will They Affect the Industry?
  • Understanding the relationship between SDN and NFV
  • In mobile networks, SDN and NFV mean service orchestration


Must Read: Top SDN Networking Thought Leadership Articles for 1H 2013

Matthew Palmer writing at SDNCentral - June 30, 2013

Matthew wrote this article in response to "a question in my inbox from someone asking who are some top thought leaders on SDN networking and which of their articles should they be reading during their summer vacation."

Matthew's list includes:

  • SDN Start-Ups You Will Hear About In 2013: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
  • VMWorld 2012 Update – Question to VMware: “So Pat, why so much for Nicira?”
  • Occupy San Jose: OpenFlow and Open Networking
  • SDN: Are You Sure You Want Applications To Program The Network?
  • NFV and SDN: What’s the Difference?
  • OpenDaylight Project: The Speed Promise
  • Photonics in the  The Merging of Trends SDN and Photonics in the Datacenter
  • Optics and SDN in Quien Es Mas Macho: Software or Optics?
  • SDN And The Forgotten Data Plane - Is My Flow Equal To Your Flow?


About the Author

Prayson Pate is Chief Technologist and co-founder at Overture. Prayson is a technology evangelist with a proven track record leading teams and delivering products. Since 1983 he has been building Carrier Ethernet and telecom products for service providers and network operators around the world - both as an individual developer and as a leader of development teams. Prayson spends much of his time driving adoption of Overture's new Ensemble Open Service Architecture, which includes aspects of automation, virtualization, SDN and NFV. He has a BSEE from Duke, an MSECE from NC State and is the holder of nine US patents.
Follow Prayson on twitter: @praysonpate
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Here is another relevant

Here is another relevant article: 'The Battle Between SDN And NFV Networking That Never Was"

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