Keith Donahue

Incident Response – Are we adequately prepared?

Nov 19, 2013 by Keith Donahue

Recently, Heavy Reading made public their findings from a survey of mobile network operators, conducted this past August. (Mobile Network Outages & Service Degradations: A Heavy Reading Survey Analysis. October, 2013).

Though much attention was given to the headline-grabbing estimate of what these operators spend to rectify and restore network outages and degradations, one finding that I did not see in any headline should be of particular interest to Carrier Ethernet service providers, and their suppliers.

Overture Celebrates Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (CECP) Milestone with the MEF

Sep 6, 2013 by Keith Donahue

Following the 2012 introduction by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) of the Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (CECP) individual certification program, Overture Networks embraced the opportunity to train and certify as many of our customer-facing professionals as possible.

In the words of the MEF, the CECP program is “for telecommunication professionals seeking to validate their expertise, skills and knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technologies, standards, services and applications”.  Not all that different from the goals of other certifications in our industry, except this is the first one focused on standard terminology and frameworks unique to Carrier Ethernet networks.

This week, the MEF announces that it has certified the 1,000th Carrier Ethernet professional.

Responsiveness – a true measure of customer care

Apr 29, 2013 by Keith Donahue

In an earlier posting, I wrote about the importance of a quick response time when fielding calls from Carrier Ethernet service providers needing assistance. As anyone in a technical customer care role will tell you, our customers don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. I have always felt response times are one of the most important measures of how much a vendor cares about their customers and their business.

Key Customer Service Competencies: The Big 5 for Carrier Ethernet Vendors

Nov 1, 2011 by Keith Donahue

When businesses discuss their value proposition, they often first discuss the specific products they provide and the niche they might fulfill for customers.  In the Carrier Ethernet equipment business, terms like “low latency”, “high-availability”, “flexibility” and “resiliency” are often used to describe a company’s product offering and they’re certainly important attributes to build into a solid product. However, more than ever before a company’s service and support capabilities are being weighed by customers looking for remarkable Carrier Ethernet solutions.