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Part 3: New Answers for Bringing Scale to the Carrier Ethernet Metro Edge

Sep 23, 2013 by Brian Van Voorhis

Overture's Product Manager, Brian Van VoorhisService providers want to scale up service capacity and accelerate service delivery as they transition their edge network away from a legacy non-MEF compliant Metro Edge.  In the first part of this article series (Problems? What Problems?) we looked at the intrinsic problems in a legacy, non-MEF Metro Edge that providers are trying to solve.  In the second part (Options to Scaling the Metro Edge) we discussed the cost and complexity tradeoffs associated with extending MPLS from the core to the edge of the network. 

So is there another option?

Yes. New CE2.0 switching and aggregation solutions, like the Overture 6500, coupled with software control and orchestration solutions, like Overture’s Ensemble OSA™