Overture is participating in the CloudNFV™ project to support and advance the work of the ETSI NFV ISG. In particular, Overture is contributing its Ensemble Service Orchestrator (ESO), Ensemble Network Controller (ENC) along with the Overture 6500 and Overture 65 metro service edge switching resources. Overture is the preferred provider of Carrier Ethernet solutions for the metro edge. Known for innovative solutions that enable high-capacity Ethernet services over any media including fiber, copper and TDM, Overture has extended its commitment to innovation with Ensemble Open Service Architecture™ (Ensemble OSA™). By leveraging Overture’s Carrier Ethernet expertise and this new open architecture for software-defined services, network operators and service providers worldwide can reduce costs, maximize operational efficiencies and introduce new revenue- generating services on a scale never before possible. 
NFV Orchestration
In the context of CloudNFV, the Ensemble Service Orchestrator (ESO) converts an Optimizer-generated manifest describing hosting locations and connectivity into deployment commands. ESO is a high-availability, open and field extensible platform for managing the entire cycle of VNF onboarding, chaining, federation and operations to support ETSI NFV use cases such as virtual Enterprise and IP Multimedia System (IMS). ESO leverages the OpenStack™ cloud management system and the Ensemble Network Controller to commission the VNFs, physical elements and the network connectivity between them and the end users. ESO works with the Active Resources construct to optimize resources across the virtual and physical worlds.
WAN Network Control
In CloudNFV, the Ensemble Network Controller (ENC) serves as the WAN infrastructure SDN controller, bridging the virtual network overlay and the physical network worlds. It is a fully Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant controller extensible to MPLS and IP networks. The ENC supports a direct interface to the ESO and will soon be available as an OpenStack Neutron (formerly Quantum) plug-in, forming the basis of the industry’s first Carrier Ethernet FCAPS controller aligned with the CloudNFV model. It automates the entire lifecycle of the metro edge network from service creation, activation to assurance. It is a high-availability system and supports the scale required to manage tens of thousands of devices at the metro edge. In the initial CloudNFV demonstration, the ENC serves as a peer to the Cloud Network controller, which together provide abstraction and interfaces into the network resources, both physical (switches) and virtual (vSwitches). 
Networking ResourcesCloudNFV Founding Members
Overture’s innovative 6500 Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery Platform provides the WAN connectivity to the various elements in the CloudNFV ecosystem. The 6500 is used as the primary traffic steering element, steering traffic to the virtual switches and chained VNFs. The Overture 65 next generation Ethernet Access Device (EAD) forms the end customer located service demarcation point. Overture is pleased to support the CloudNFV initiative in demonstrating the viability of a cloud-based NFV platform. Through Ensemble OSA, service providers can capitalize on the NFV and SDN revolutions to bring the benefits of cloud technologies and virtualization to the metro edge.
CloudNFV™ is trademarked by CIMI Corporation. The CloudNFV project is an open implementation of the ETSI NFV ISG work.

Overture + CloudNFV

"Overture has been at the forefront of bringing together the cloud and the metro edge, as their Ensemble OSA launch earlier this year demonstrated. Their Ensemble Service Orchestrator and Network Controller are the first network control architecture that's explicitly designed for metro cloud applications. An optimum deployment of NFV could make NFV hosting the largest consumer of metro cloud data centers and connectivity worldwide. Overture's expertise in Carrier Ethernet coupled with its commitment to developing NFV and SFN solutions in an open, multi-vendor environment makes them a natural and valued founding member of CloudNFV."
Tom Nolle, President CIMI Corp

"Overture is pleased to support the CloudNFV initiative to demonstrate the viability of a cloud-based NFV platform. Tom Nolle of CIMI Corp. has done a great job pulling together this group of like-minded companies to help accelerate real-world deployments of virtual network functions. No single company can make this happen on their own. We are committed to work cooperatively towards advancing NFV and SDN at the metro edge to ultimately bring direct benefit to service providers and network operators around the world."
Mike Aquino, president and CEO, Overture

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