The Overture Brand Back Story

We’re proud to introduce you to the new Overture.

During the last few months, our company has been working through a process that has been as much about discovery as it was creation.

We’ve been exploring what makes Overture unique—starting with questions like:

  • “What is Overture to you?”
  • “How do we describe the company?
  • “What do we believe?”

Through answering these questions, we uncovered the aspects of our brand that we want to showcase to the world. We’ve created a new brand story, designed a new visual brand identity, and crafted new messaging all to help us share the story of Overture.

We’re excited about all of it.

Overture’s logo may be new and the colors different. But our hope is to show that, throughout this process, we have listened and done our best to represent our employees, the history of Overture, our promise to customers, and the qualities of the company that we’re most passionate about.

Our brand mantra and tagline is “An entrance to a smarter network.” This is the foundation for our story—and the inspiration for our logo. 

The square inside this circle represents a window into a better place: a more agile, more powerful, more creative place—a smarter network. The notch extending into the lower left corner of the square represents that entry that Overture creates for our customers to get there.

Together with this brand identity and mantra is an articulation of our value proposition to customers. Our value proposition is made up of three components.

  1. We’re reliable.
  2. We make it easy.
  3. We arm our customers to compete.

We’re living the overall brand story and value proposition by integrating it into our website, our customer communications, our company description and, most importantly, our individual actions. You’ll see it further extended across a wide range of corporate materials very soon.

The process is an ongoing one. This is a beginning.

Welcome to the new Overture – an entrance to a smarter network.