Questions + Answers

Why does Overture look different?

We’ve been in business for more than 10 years and merged with two companies during that period. Our company has been working through a process that has been as much about discovery as it was creation. By crystallizing what we stand for, we’re better positioned to support our customers.

Our brand mantra—entrance to a smarter network—and our new logo describe our value proposition to customers. Our value proposition is made up of three components.

  • We are reliable.
  • We make it easy.
  • We arm our customers to compete.

The colors and logo may be different, but our hope is that we have represented our promise to customers, our employees, the history of Overture and the qualities of the company that we’re most passionate about.

The process is an ongoing one. This is a beginning.  Welcome to the new Overture – an entrance to a smarter network.

What does the new logo mean?

Overture’s tagline—entrance to a smarter network—is the foundation for our story and was the inspiration for our logo. 

The square inside our green circle represents a window into a better place: a more agile, more powerful, more creative place—a smarter network. The path through the circle into that window represents the entrance that Overture creates for our customers to get there.

Does the logo change impact any of your products?

You’ll see the new mark on the front of our products. It won’t impact how any of the products operate. Our new logo does reinforce the attributes that we bring to every product we develop and support.

What does the tagline mean?

Overture’s tagline—entrance to a smarter network—was the result of detailed study, research and communication with our customers, the market and the Overture team. It summarizes what we provide to our customers.

We provide the entrance to a smarter network.

One that’s more agile and creative.

One that’s more powerful.

One that’s more enlightened, capable and effective.

One that’s more professional and able.

One that’s more reliable, easier to use, and arms our customers to win.

How is Overture reliable?

Please see the description on this page.

How does Overture make it easy?

Please see the description on this page.

How does Overture arm its customers to compete?

Please see the description on this page.

What does Overture do?

Overture develops and manufactures high-speed Carrier Ethernet edge and aggregation solutions.  We provide the entrance to a smarter network, and are the preferred partner to more than 450 service providers and enterprise customers worldwide. Our solutions are designed for reliability and ease of use, enabling high-capacity Ethernet services over any media—fiber, copper, or TDM—for applications ranging from speeds of 1Mbps to 10Gbps. Overture arms customers to compete by accelerating services and helping them meet exploding demands for bandwidth. Our headquarters is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with a technology center in Richardson, Texas.