About Overture

Overture is the preferred provider of Carrier Ethernet solutions for the metro edge.
Known for innovative solutions that enable high-capacity Ethernet services over any media including fiber, copper and TDM, Overture has extended its commitment to innovation with Ensemble Open Service Architecture™ (Ensemble OSA). By leveraging Overture’s Carrier Ethernet expertise and this new open architecture for software-defined services, network operators and service providers worldwide can maximize operational efficiencies and introduce new revenue-generating services on a scale never before possible.
Performance-Assured Ethernet Over Any Media

Overture develops and manufactures high-speed Carrier Ethernet edge and aggregation products designed for reliability, ease of use, and to meet the demanding requirements of today’s high performance applications, such as cloud computing and mobile communications. We arm service providers to compete in today’s business environment with advanced Ethernet solutions for fibercopper and TDM, from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Software-Defined Services

Ensemble OSA is the industry’s first open architecture that brings the benefits of the cloud, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and open innovation to the metro edge. It allows service providers to optimize service creation, activation and assurance by transforming today’s static, labor-intensive networks into dynamic, virtualized, and automated environments. Ensemble OSA also dramatically reduces service provider expenditures by eliminating inefficiencies associated with complex operational systems and labor-intensive processes. By introducing automation, open APIs and orchestration into the metro edge, Ensemble OSA radically accelerates the innovation cycle and enables a new generation of on-demand, application-aware services.

What Sets Overture Apart

We are reliable.

Overture’s success begins with our commitment to reliability.

From our technology to our people who build and support it—Overture’s commitment to reliability is companywide. It’s at the heart of every product we make, our open service architecture and every solution we recommend. It's engineered into everything we build.

We also know that reliability is measured in more than nines: It’s measured in our ability to solve your problems and how fast we solve them.

We make it easy.

Our solutions and our open service architecture are easy to deploy and support by a company that’s easy to work with.

We design our products to be very simple to deploy and manage. Our Ensemble OSA leverages the virtues of openness, virtualization and orchestration, all key elements of SDN and NFV, to bring these benefits to the metro edge. This saves our customers money upfront and throughout the lifecycle of their services and their network.

And our people are known throughout the industry for leading standards development and working directly with our customers to not just hear what they want today, but understand what they’ll need down the road.

We arm our customers to compete.

Together, Overture’s solutions ultimately are designed to do one thing: To arm our customers to compete.

Confidence comes from the parts of our customers’ networks that they don’t see.

It’s not just about great hardware, smart software-defined services or even the industry's first open architecture at the metro edge, but about having great partners and great people behind you.

Overture – an entrance to a smarter network.