Architecture Overview

Ensemble OSA offers a complete and open platform for service automation and virtualized network functions. Comprising three logical layers and a number of independent components interconnected with open APIs, Ensemble OSA is designed to easily integrate into the architecture and workflow of any CSP environment.
The three major layers are network applications, orchestration and control, and resources. Each may include Overture developed components as well those developed by third-party vendors or the CSPs themselves. Each layer communicates through a set of standards-based and open APIs. Learn more about our Harmony Ecosystem.
Network Applications
The simplified development and integration of network applications is where the open and scalable nature of Ensemble OSA really pays off. Network applications are Web 2.0 based software packages that leverage one or more of the Orchestration and Control building blocks and tie into the back office systems of the service provider and their business partners to create a service or network function. These applications include customer self-service portals, performance reporting applications and unified communications systems, among others.
Orchestration and Control
The Orchestration and Control layer includes three components – Ensemble Service Orchestrator (ESO), OpenStack Cloud Controller and Ensemble Network Controller (ENC) – which may be used together or independently based on the needs of the particular service provider.
  • Ensemble Service Orchestration (ESO): ESO is an open, extensible carrier-class NFV management and orchestration system that coordinates virtual computing resources and physical network elements to create, activate and assure services using one or more virtual network functions.
  • Ensemble Network ControlleR (ENC): The ENC is a service-aware network controller and management system for the Carrier Ethernet metro service edge. With native support for all Overture network elements, ENC is extensible to support third-party network elements and automates device detection, fault management and performance monitoring. By presenting a complete network picture, CSPs can focus on adding new services and virtualized network functions without compromising existing network operations.
  • OpenStack Cloud Controller: Ensemble OSA uses OpenStack cloud controller bundled with the system to manage the virtual compute environment, including virtual machines, Open vSwitches and top of rack datacenter switches.
Elements that provide connect, compute and storage functionality. They may consist of physical devices such as switches, servers, and storage arrays and/or software functions running in a virtual machine.
Resources communicate northbound with the orchestration and control layer using modern standard APIs such as OpenFlow, SOAP/SML and Netconf, but also through traditional interfaces and protocols such as SNMP and SSH/CLI.
Harmony Ecosystem
Overture is creating Harmony Ecosystem Partners -- an ecosystem of hardware, software and services partners focused on accelerating a communication service provider's automation and virtualization initiatives at the metro service edge. The Harmony partner program is a pillar of the open environment that overture believes to be essential for the realization of software-defined services (SDS). It allows service providers to select best of breed components and avoid single vendor proprietary systems, while also decreasing their project risks and accelerating deployments.

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