Optimize Service Creation, Activation, and Assurance

With Ensemble OSA, today’s static, labor-intensive networks are transformed into dynamic, virtualized, and automated environments for service creation and delivery.

In today’s service creation environment, developing a new service offering can take a year or more. With intense competition from new entrants, communication service providers (CSPs) are under increasing pressure to rapidly deliver services in response to changing market demands. Ensemble OSA introduces flexibility, virtualization, programmability and intelligence into the metro service edge. This accelerates the innovation cycle and reduces the time and cost of activating customers. Assuring performance in today’s multi-vendor environment is costly, complex, and usually requires significant manual intervention. Ensemble OSA reduces the cost and complexity of performance assurance by leveraging intuitive, intelligent and automated tools.

Use Case
When an enterprise requests adjustments to service bandwidth, it can take weeks for the provider to make the changes to the network configuration and billing records. The Ensemble OSA Dynamic Capacity application leverages control and orchestration functions along with open APIs to provide automated, on-demand bandwidth adjustments. The result is a low cost, self-service model that responds instantly to requests from users or other applications.

Use Case:
Each year, service providers spend billions in capital expenditures (CapEx) on sophisticated customer premise routers that deliver managed router, VPN and security services. These are collocated with the Layer 2 demarcation equipment that provides underlying Ethernet transport services. By using Ensemble OSA to virtualize these functions at the metro edge, the CPE managed device count can be reduced by half and value-added services can be offered as an up-sell without a truck roll.