Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Ensemble OSA dramatically reduces service provider expenditures by eliminating inefficiencies associated with complex operational systems and labor-intensive processes.

Operational expenses (OpEx) consume as much as 85% of a communication service provider’s (CSPs) budget so improvements in operational efficiency can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Today’s complex operational environment consists of multiple proprietary management systems, manually intensive processes and a multi-vendor equipment network. By creating an open automation and orchestration environment for the multi-vendor metro edge, Ensemble OSA eliminates time and expense normally associated with service activation and assurance. 

Use Case:
In a multi-vendor installation, The Ensemble OSA’s Zero-Touch Commissioning application automates configuration and software installation on remote nodes, with little manual coordination, resulting in a 40-60% decrease in time-to-service and more than a 50% cost reduction.