Prayson Pate

Apr 09, 2015

Prayson Pate is Overture’s Chief Technology Officer. He is charged with helping Overture anticipate and lead through major industry transitions and market shifts and with conveying Overture’s message to its customers and the larger industry. Most recently, he guided Overture’s own transition from telecom hardware powerhouse to innovation leader in orchestration solutions for new software-defined carrier-class networks. He is an evangelist for network functions virtualization (NFV), helping communication service providers (CSPs) and mobile operators create virtual environments optimized for agility and profit. He speaks often at industry events, posts to his blog at, and shares NFV information, ideas, and guidance through bylined articles published by industry media. Prayson is an accomplished technologist who began his career in 1983 at FiberLAN. He has also worked for Bell Northern Research and Larscom, where he served as director of engineering before co-founding Overture in 2000. Prayson has contributed to standards bodies such as the MEF and IETF, and was chosen to be the co-editor of the pseudowire emulation edge-to-edge (PWE3) requirements and architecture documents (RFCs 3916 and 3985). Prayson received a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Duke University. He is the holder of nine patents.

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