Deliver Differentiated Services with Carrier Ethernet Solutions from Overture

Today’s service provider faces many challenges, not the least of which is making themselves stand out from the competition. Let’s face it - basically every carrier uses the same pipes to transmit data. The only real difference is the services that are offered.

Overture  enables service providers to offer unique services that help the customer conduct  business more efficiently. A  differentiated set of services offers the strongest competitive advantage and is the best way for any given service provider to distinguish themselves.

Offer Multiple Service Classes

Overture is leading the industry by providing the ability to enable up to 8 classes of service per EVC. No matter who you outsource access to or from, we allow you to maintain your CoS model through other carriers’ networks.

Measure Real-Time Service Performance

Today’s customer want to know more about their network and its performance than ever before. Overture allows you to monitor and report on SLA parameters and provide real-time performance 

Provide a Consistent User Experience

Many companies are looking to standardize processes, procedures and technologies across their entire organization. They want the same gear, service and level of performance at each of their locations. Overture allows you to offer identical service to any customer site, regardless of size or location. We allow you to deliver consistent and high quality service for both on-net and off-net access.