Manage Premium Services with Intelligent Ethernet Access Devices (EADs)

Turning up services quickly, assuring the service performance meets your SLA and quickly troubleshooting network problems – all require service providers to extend their control over the entire service path between network hand off points at the UNI and ENNI.  Learn how using intelligent Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) at the edge of your network will allow you to manage your service delivery and keep your customers happy.

Manage Premium Services with Ethernet Access Devices (EADs)


Manage your premium business Ethernet and mobile backhaul services over any access media using intelligent Ethernet Access Devices (EADs).



Overture’s complete line of intelligent Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) deliver full end-to-end service management over any access media. For Ethernet over optical networks use the Overture 65 series (1GigE), the Overture 4800 (10GigE). For Ethernet over bonded copper, use the Overture 400 series and 600 series. For mixed access applications, use the Overture 1400 “Ethernet over anything” EAD at the end of a dark fiber or SONET/SDH or DS3/E3 circuit(s) to quickly provide fully managed premium Ethernet services up to 1Gbps. Use the Overture 500, 140 or 180 for NxDS1/E1 circuits. And for multi-service applications, use the Overture 4200/4300 where Ethernet UNI and DS1 private line are required.


Ensuring that service is working as promised (performance, quality of service, availability, etc) across the network and all the way to the customer locations.  Troubleshooting network problems when they arise.  Doing both regardless of how you connect with your customers.


  • Deliver premium Ethernet service from 1Mbps to 10Gbps over any network
  • Extend network control over the entire service path all the way to the customer premises
  • Monitor and report on key performance indicators including delay, delay variation, packet loss and service availability
  • Remotely diagnose and isolate network problems that affect service performance
  • Rapidly turn up services and verify performance
  • Create differentiated service offerings with multiple EVCs, service classes and fine grained QoS

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