Network Virtualization Product Overview

The industry's first carrier-class, analytics-driven orchestration solution for virtualized networks, bringing significant cost reduction and new revenue generation.

Overture Networks is committed to innovation at the metro service edge with Ensemble Open Service Architecture (OSA) — the industry's first carrier-class, analytics-driven orchestration solution for virtualized networks. It's the transformation key to creating significant cost reduction and new revenue generation for providers of communication, data, and media services.

With Ensemble OSA, CSPs and mobile operators can optimize service orchestration and delivery while boosting performance levels to rival that of hardened appliances. This transformation to virtualized service delivery enables cost-effective creation and delivery of new services and quick response to end-customer service change requests. Ensemble OSA is the first NFV orchestration and analytics solution to match ETSI group specifications fully for NFV management and orchestration (MANO).

Ensemble OSA enables a new generation of on-demand, application-aware services. By introducing automation, open APIs, and orchestration into the metro edge, the architecture transforms the way CSPs create, deliver, and sell network services.

The Ensemble Service Orchestrator is an open, extensible carrier-class NFV service lifecycle management and orchestration system that coordinates virtual resources and physical network elements to create, activate and assure services using one or more virtual network functions.

The award-winning Ensemble Service Intelligence (ESI) is the first big data analysis solution for correlating carrier-class network data with service data for actionable intelligence. ESI is a critical tool for tracking and analyzing data to help communication service providers (CSPs) and mobile operators optimize virtual environments for greatest profitability.

Ensemble Network Controller (ENC) is a service aware network controller and management system. With native support for all Overture network elements, ENC is extensible to support third-party network elements. ENC automates device detection, fault management and performance monitoring.

Ensemble Carrier Ethernet (ECE) Virtual Network Function (VNF) is innovative software that provides the same CE2.0 functionality of a physical Ethernet Access Device but is instead deployed on any commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) server.

The Overture 65vSE is the industry’s first open Carrier Ethernet platform for hosting virtual network functions at the service edge.

The 65 Virtual Service Edge (vSE) is the newest member of the Overture 65 series. It allows communication service providers (CSPs) to instantly deploy on-demand virtualized network functions (VNF) at the customer premise to simplify operations and unleash new service innovation.

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