Overture Connector

  • Carrier Ethernet connectivity based on the award-winning Ensemble Carrier Ethernet VNF.
  • High-performance vSwitch.
  • Tunnel and traffic steering to harness all network systems into a unified virtual environment.
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Overture Connector enables pure-play virtualization: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers. Overture Connector eliminates vendor lock-in allowing service providers to mix-and-match best-of-breed software and hardware.

Pure-play virtualization gives service providers choice. Choice in software, hardware and where to locate functionality to best suit the business needs of the provider.

At it’s core, Overture Connector is a highly scalable, high-performance virtualization platform for hosting multi-vendor VNFs that provides advanced SDN-enabled programmable traffic steering and a powerful Carrier Ethernet network interface.

Overture Connector allows providers to choose deployment models: at the edge, central office or cloud data center. It provides networking connectivity through Layers 2-3-4, including a variety of tunneling and security options over any managed or unmanaged intermediate network.

Overture Connector

Pure-Play Virtualization
Overture Connector is a pure-play virtualization platform. It operates on any low-cost open server and works seamlessly with open applications from third-party suppliers.

Overture Connector, operating on open off-the-shelf servers, has been demonstrated to provide line-rate performance with low jitter and latency while service chaining making it well suited for demanding carrier-class environments.

Overture Connector pure-play virtualization provides service providers with choice.

  • Choice of software
  • Choice of hardware
  • Choice of location
  • Choice to change hardware and software as needed

Simplifies Turn-Up
Overture Connector can be automatically turned up in a telecom or mobile network without the need for a truck roll. Upon first launch, the software “calls home” to download the necessary configuration and details automatically. Set-up takes just minutes and can be adjusted on-demand as needs for bandwidth, security, size and scale change.

Eliminates Cost of Proprietary Hardware
With Overture Connector service providers are no longer dependent on specific vendors for custom equipment or software. Multiple VNFs from different vendors can be deployed and running on a single open COTS server. In fact, most providers and operators already have servers in their network that can run Overture Connector, which can significantly reduce operating and inventory costs while simplifying back office integrations.

Offers Flexibility
Overture Connector can run on any 1GigE or 10GigE Intel x86-based COTS platform. It can be located at the metro edge or in the central office or the cloud, offering unprecedented flexibility for assigning resources.

Boosts Performance
Overture Connector is designed with the performance enhancing capabilities of DPDK, allowing it to break through the performance limitations of vSwitch. Benchmark testing shows that Overture Connector running on low-cost x86 servers provides line-rate performance with low latency and jitter while service chaining, which makes it ideal for demanding carrier-class service delivery environments.

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