Overture 600

Carrier Ethernet and T1/E1 Services over Copper

  • T1/E1 and Carrier Ethernet service over bonded copper
  • Dynamically assign bandwidth between services
  • Zero Touch provisioning
  • Comprehensive service OAM suite
  • Temperature hardened
  • Deployable as a mini-aggregator
Overture 600


Overture’s 600 series delivers carrier class T1/E1, and high-speed Ethernet services over the existing copper infrastructure to the cell tower and to the customer premise. The 600 series is a cost effective solution that quickly and economically delivers up to 60 Mbps of services over 4 copper pairs, essentially extending the optical service area to the those locations that are only served with copper.

Feature Benefit
15Mbps per copper pair Enables up to 60Mpbs of Carrier Ethernet or 4 E1s (6Mbps) and 54Mbps of Carrier Ethernet.
PWE-3 plus technology
Dynamically assigns bandwidth to each service and addresses the synchronization issues that are prevalent with emulated T1/E1 services.
CLI and web GUI A familiar CLI and Web Manager that requires no client software make this solution easy to use and scalable.
Zero Touch provisioning
Save time and money by streamlining installation and reducing the skill set required of the local field installers.
Traffic management Ensure Quality of Service with advanced traffic shaping, hierarchical queuing, and traffic policing.

Predicting the future bandwidth requirements for TDM and Ethernet is simply not feasible. Yet both services are required. This is the benefit of the 600 series. Both services can be delivered in an economic singe box solution that enables providers to improve margins by using the existing copper infrastructure. The 600 series supports Overture’s patented Pseudowire-Plus (PWE3-plus.) PWE3-plus enables Carriers to dynamically assign bandwidth to each application as simply as turning a knob. T1/E1 and Ethernet services are natively supported over the PWE3-plus, delivering a carrier-class service.

The 600 series addresses the synchronization issues that are prevalent with emulated T1/E1 services. The 600 series delivers a synchronization solution that is fast, reliable, and accurate. With the 600 series, every T1/E1 and PWE3-plus interface can be synchronized to a reference clock, and these same interfaces can serve as a clock source. This enables an extremely flexible and resilient sync-in sync-out architecture. The 600 series enables Carriers to deploy an unlimited portfolio of native TDM and Ethernet services over their copper network. For Ethernet, it supports a robust suite of traffic shaping and policing, 8 COS, 4 queues, QOS, and VLAN stacking. T1/E1 services are natively supported (not emulated) which insures that the cell towers and the legacy PBXs will receive a T1/E1 with the required technical specifications for a seamless delivery of  services.


Business Access – The HN family of products enable 1Mb to over 100Mb services as connections to offices typically providing Ethernet services over bonded copper and bonded T1 where there is not fiber available.  Typical business services carriers sell are metro Ethernet, T1/E1 private line service, Dedicated Internet Access, IP-VPN, VoIP.

Mobile & DSLAM Backhaul – The HN family of products enable 1Mb to over 100Mb services connection to cell towers, typically providing up to 100 Mbps backhaul services carrying both native Ethernet and native TDM with support for network timing synchronization. The product line is ideally suited for enabling high-speed backhaul to Mobile Cell Towers and DSLAM sites that are capital-constrained to be served by fiber.  The combination of 32 pair bonding, EFM repeaters, and the unique ability to natively transport T1/E1 timing ensures carrier grade backhaul at a fraction of the cost of other technologies. 

Multi-Tenant Campus and In-Building – The HN family of products enable 1Mb to over 100Mb services for Campus and In-Building applications.  The product line enables carriers to benefit by taking advantage of the existing copper plant on campus or up the risers in buildings, p realizing a huge cost savings while enabling high-speed Ethernet services.

Traffic Light/Video Surveillance – The HN family of products enable 1 Mb to over 100 Mb services for counties and municipalities who need to increase bandwidth to traffic lights for video surveillance applications where only existing copper plant is available.


  • Network: 4 copper pairs via RJ-21
    • Sealing current on all copper pairs
  • Customer: 1 or 2 autosensing 10/100Base-T Ethernet
    • Auto/manual MDI/MDIX
  • Gigabit Interface
    • Single 100Base-X via SFP
  • RS-232 management port via RJ-45
  • IGMP snooping
  • MAC filtering
  • P-bit prioritization
  • VLAN tagging/swapping/stacking
  • Local switching between Ethernet ports
  • 2000 byte frame support
  • CoS: WFQ, SP and combo based on VLAN, p-bits or ToS/DSCP
  • Hierarchical policing/shaping
  • RIPv1, RIPv2 and static routes
  • DHCP server
  • NAT firewall and ACLs
  • Local RS-232 craft interface
  • Web GUI, familiar CLI
  • Remote management from CO device
  • Zero Touch provisioning from CO
  • Remote software upgrades from CO
  • 802.3ah OAM
  • 802.1ag CFM and Y.1564SAM
  • Y.1731 ETH-OAM
  • Management IP ACLs
  • Timing: ITU G.823/E1 interface, G.824,
  • T1.101/T1 interface
  • DSX-1 interface (short haul) per ANSI T1.102
  • E1 interface per G.703, Section 6
  • T1/E1 native TDM operating mode:
    • Line rate: T1: 1.544 Mbps; E1: 2.048 Mbps
    • Line coding: T1: AMI, B8ZS; E1: AMI, HDB3
    • Framing: T1: SF, ESF, Transparent; E1: multiframe, CRC multiframe, transparent (software selectable)
    • T11/E1 line build out (0 – 660 feet)
    • Remote and local loopbacks
    • Performance monitoring
    • Internal and loop timing sources
  • 1.38H” x 8.5W” x 9.08D” (35 mm x 216 mm x 231 mm)
  • Mounting: wall or 19”or 23” WECO and ETSI racks
  • Weight: 3 lbs ( 1.36 kg)
  • Operating temperature: -40° to +149°F (-40° to +65°C)
  • Humidity: up to 85% non-condensing relative humidity
  • Power consumption: 25w typical
  • Redundant power feeds
  • Optional AC/DC 120/240 power supply
  • Input Voltage: -48VDC, nominal
  • CE Mark
  • EN 55022 Class A
  • ETSI EN 300 019, T1.2, T2.2, T3.1E
  • ETSI EN 300 386
  • FCC Part 15 Class A/FCC Part 68
  • ITU K.20/K.21
  • MEF 9, 14
  • NEBS Level 3
  • RoHS
  • Safety: EN/UL 60950-1/IEC 60950-1