Overture 1400 Image

Overture 1400

  • Single platform for optical Ethernet and Ethernet over SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 and NxT1/E1
  • 128 EVC, 1024 queues, 4 levels of shaping
  • Triple tag management
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Overture_NetworkDiagram_1400The Overture 1400 is a modular one gigabit Carrier Ethernet edge platform that enables ubiquitous Ethernet services from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over both native Ethernet and the existing TDM infrastructure. For native optical Ethernet networks, the Overture 1400 provides a complete edge solution with six tri-speed interfaces. When native optical Ethernet is not available, the flexible network interface slot may be used for Carrier Ethernet over existing SONET/SDH and PDH (DS3/E3, DS1, E1) networks. The Overture 1400 provides a complete toolkit for service differentiation and performance assurance along with the operational savings that comes from a single flexible platform.

Feature Benefit
Modular architecture supports multiple interface types in single solution Consistent customer experience regardless of access media. Speeds management system integration, reduces personnel training.
Hierarchical QoS across 128 EVCs with 128 dedicated queue groups and 1024 tota queues Multiple subscriber operation and powerful service differentiation.
4 tri-speed Ethernet subscriber ports Deliver service to a single customer or multiple customers off a single platform.
Extensive service OAM with RFC 2544 All the tools you need for SLA delivery and monitoring, fault management and easy service turn-up and verification.
Adapt to different access media with in-field module installation Simplifies configuration management and inventory sparing requirements.

The Overture1400 GigE Carrier Ethernet edge platform was developed in conjunction with leading service providers and is unique in three fundamental areas:

Simplified Deployment
Service providers and network operators need to provide Ethernet services to all locations, leveraging many types of network infrastructures. This includes native Ethernet over fiber or radio, or leveraging existing infrastructure such as SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 and DS1/E1. The Overture 1400 provides the flexibility to deliver Ethernet services over all these networks with one simple, modular solution. Using one platform for any network scenario reduces operational expenses for the service provider.

Reliability and Performance
Carrier class means 99.999% availability, sub-50ms protection switching, and low-latency line-rate throughput on every interface. The compact, temperature hardened Overture 1400 is designed for the demanding environments of the telco central office, outside plant cabinet, datacenter or enterprise wiring closet. In addition, the 1400 provides the resiliency and monitoring features required for high-performance financial services and data center applications.

Market Leading Features
The Overture 1400 offers service providers a cost-effective way to differentiate their services and deliver scalable bandwidth for enterprise access, mobile backhaul and key vertical applications such as financial services, datacenter connectivity, cloud computing, and carrier network demarcation. The 1400 has the richest feature set in the industry, with support for 128 EVCs, fine-grained Hierarchical-QoS and industry standard performance monitoring and fault management.

Overture 1400

Business Services
The Overture1400 enables 1 Mbps-1 Gbps Ethernet services to single or multi-tenant business to any location with native Ethernet or by leveraging existing SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 or DS1/E1.  Sub-50ms Link Aggregation or SONET/SDH 1+1 and a 99.999% availability design deliver the reliability required by enterprise customers. Four-stage hierarchical-QoS, dedicated queues per flow, complete Ethernet OAM and flow-level service differentiation deliver sophisticated enterprise services.

Mobile Backhaul
The Overture 1400 enables Ethernet for 3G and 4G services to one or multiple carriers at the cell tower. With a flexible interface slot, the Overture 1400 enables service to all towers: on-net or leased networks, Ethernet over fiber or radio. It can also leverage existing infrastructure with Ethernet over SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 or DS1/E1. A compact, hardened solution fits in any tower cabinet.  With 99.999 percent availability, sub-50ms Link Aggregation or SONET 1+1 and Ethernet OAM for 128 EVCs, the Overture 1400 enables a carrier-grade scalable solution.

Datacenter and Private Cloud
The Overture 1400 is ideal for datacenter and cloud based backhaul solutions, providing the flexibility to leverage native Ethernet or existing SONET/SDH/PDH infrastructure.  A low-latency hardware design and flow-level service differentiation for over 128 EVCs with complete Ethernet OAM enables every location to have a seamless connection to the datacenter or cloud.

Wholesale Ethernet Services
The Overture 1400 has the breadth and depth of carrier features for wholesale Ethernet services, including 128 EVCs, 1024 queues, 3-layers of simultaneous MEPS per EVC, triple VLAN tag management and a four-stage hierarchical-QoS.


  • 4 x 10/100/1000 Electrical
  • 6 x SFP, SX/LX/ZX/CWDM
  • Hot-swappable interface modules
    • 1 x OC3/OC12 or STM1/STM4
    • 4 x OC3/OC12 or STM1/STM4
    • DS3/E3
    • 3 x DS3/E3 (Rel. 12.1)
    • 8 x DS1/E1

Configuration Options

  • Client: 4 electrical/optical Ethernet
  • Network interfaces:
    • 2 GigE, sub-50ms LACP
    • OC3/OC12 1+1 APS
    • STM1/STM4 1+1 APS
    • Line-rate 1GigE over 2 x OC12/STM4
    • Line-rate 1GigE over dual-protected OC12/STM4
    • DS3/E3 (X.86, GFP)
    • 3 x DS3/E3 (PDH/VCAT/LCAS)
    • 8 x DS1/E1 (PDH/VCAT/LCAS or MLPPP bonding)


  • Supports local and inband management
  • 3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731
  • RFC2544 (R12.1)
  • 256 MEPs
  • UNI 2.2 E-LMI
  • LAN/WAN fault propagation (Rel. 12.1)
  • LLDP (Rel.12.1)
  • SNMPv3
  • Syslog

Ethernet Services

  • 128 EVCs
  • Triple tag management
  • Hierarchical QoS
  • 128 dedicated queue groups, 1024 queues
  • LACP, 50ms protection
  • Dynamic p-bit marking (Rel. 12.1)


  • 75H” x 17W” x 8D” (45 mm x 430 mm x 200 mm)
  • Mounting: 1RU in standard 19” or 23” rack
  • Weight: 5 lb (2.26 kg) maximum
  • Operating temperature: -40° to +149°F (-40° to +65°C)
  • Humidity: 5-90% non-condensing relative humidity
  • Hot-swappable redundant power supplies and optics
  • Input voltage: -48VDC, AC Power

Compliance and Certification

  • CE Mark
  • EN 60950
  • FCC Part 15, EN 55022
  • MEF 9, 14, 20
  • NEBS Level 3, Zone4
  • RoHS
  • WEEE

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