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Overture 34

  • Ethernet over E3 service
  • Eight user data queues
  • Compound classification for multiservice delivery
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The Overture 34 offers an ideal solution for delivering cost-effective, managed Ethernet over E3 applications. This ‘plug-and-play’ solution delivers carrierclass performance allowing providers to deliver a low-cost, first-entry solution for single customer  scenarios.

Feature Benefits
‘Plug-and-play’ platform and design
Compact design makes it simple to install at the customer premise, either as a wall-mounted or rack-mounted uni
L2+ Classification Customer traffic classification, supporting up to 10 traffic rules per port, as well as VLAN management, traffic queuing, rate limiting, policing and p-bit remarking
Remote management In-band or out-of-band management Extends multiservice management visibility all the way to the remote customer edge, eliminating truck rolls—saving in OpEx costs
Multi-level loopback testing Provides a unique automated verification of a 10/100 link on the customer premise

The Overture 34 can attach to an existing SDH Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM), E3 fixed wireless link, or a leased E3 facility. Two subscriber Ethernet ports enable prioritized traffic to be fed to the network. In a hub-and spoke configuration, several Overture 34s can feed an X.86 or PPP/BCP-based aggregation switch and can be managed in-band through the E3 connection. The Overture 34 can also be deployed back-to-back to deliver cost-effective point-to-point Ethernet interconnections.

For applications requiring Ethernet over E3 E-connectivity, the Overture 34 is a simple and low cost solution.


Overture 34

With the Overture 34 a service provider or network operator is able to enter a single customer location and capture Ethernet service revenue with a low, first-cost solution that can be deployed today and pay for itself within a few months — without having to invest in a costly build-out of the metro network. Applications include:

  • Ethernet-enable an existing SONET ADM
  • Back-to-back Ethernet over E3 facilities
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Storage Networks
  • VoIP or TDM voice interconnect

Service providers and network operators can deploy managed Ethernet services over the thousands of installed SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexers (ADMs) and rapidly extend these Ethernet services to off-net locations via leased and wireless facilities.

Deliver Management and Service Intelligence to the Remote Customer Edge
The Overture 34 may be managed in-band via a management VLAN or out-of-band via Ethernet. This remote management capability allows carriers to extend IP management visibility all the way to the remote customer edge. From a single operator viewpoint, a carrier can remotely manage and provision each individual ISG without ever having to touch the unit itself.

The Overture 34 units are truly designed for plug-and-play operation. Installation is simple and configurations can be performed remotely. The products also offer two hands-off cable tests — one for the E3 uplink and one for the customer’s Ethernet connection using a built-in Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR).

Flexible and Differentiated Ethernet Solutions
The Overture 34 provides economical point-to-point Carrier Ethernet services to customer locations that can only be reached through E3 circuits. Offering business-class Ethernet services by providing strong Class of Service (CoS) features, the Overture 34 offers much more than raw Ethernet transport and can be used for:

  • Full range of 4,095 Virtual LANs
  • Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Traffic prioritization and classification – Eight User Data Queues

For example, the advanced traffic classification features of the Overture 34 can give Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic priority over Internet access traffic. The Overture 34 supports up to ten rule-based classifications based on any of the following inputs: VLAN ID, VLAN P-bits, ToS bits and DiffServ Code Points. In addition to this classification scheme, rate limiting, policing and shaping are also provided to round out a full suite of tools for customer provisioning and service.

Easy Fit into Existing OAM&P Infrastructure
With an in-band management VLAN channel, robust GUI and full SNMP connectivity, the ISG 34 is easy to configure, manage and monitor. Extensive performance monitoring is supported for both the DS3 and Ethernet interfaces. The Overture 34 provides a comprehensive fault management through the use of equipment and facility alarms available over both the in-band management channel and through the local management console port.  SLAs can be monitored through the use of the Service OAM feature set (802.1ag and Y.1731) integrated into the ISG 34.

The ISG 34 complements the Overture Networks ISG product line, enabling service providers and carriers to create new business revenues by delivering high-margin Ethernet services to all of their customers, no matter where they are located on the network.


  • 2 x 10/100Base-T (RJ45)
  • 1 x E3 (BNC)
    • 86 or PPP/BCP
  • 10/100 management port


  • IP host with DHCP client for automatic address assignment
  • In-band management VLAN
  • Web GUI
  • SNMP agent supporting standard MIBs, including RMON
  • FTP client for download
  • L2+ Classification
  • Link down transfer

 Ethernet Services

  • 1p prioritization
  • 1q VLAN tagging/switching/stacking
  • Rate limiting: 128-500 kbps increments
  • CoS: WRR or strict priority based on VLAN, p-bits or ToS/DSCP
  • 8 user data queues
  • 86 or PPP/BCP encapsulation


  • 75H” x 17W” x 7.25D” (45 mm x 430 mm x 185 mm)
  • Mounting: wall or 1RU in standard 19” or 23” rack
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg)
  • Full front access
  • Operating temperature: +32° to +131°F (0° to +55°C)
  • Humidity: 5-90% non-condensing relative humidity
  • AC power: 100-240 VAC auto ranging, 47- 63Hz
  • DC power: -40 to -60VDC
  • Dual DC feeds

Compliance and Certification

  • CE Mark
  • EN55022 Class B
  • FCC Part 15, Class B
  • MEF 9
  • NEBS Level 3
  • RoHS
  • UL/EN 60950


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