Data Sheets

Overture expands its Ensemble Open Service Architecture (OSA)™ vision by introducing Ensemble Carrier Ehternet (ECE) Virtual Network Function. The  ECE VNF delivers the industry’s first open and hardware-agnositc carrier-grade CE VNF. ECE is an innovative software solution that provides the same CE2.0 funtionality of a physical Ethernet Access Device, but can be deployed on any commecial, off-the-shelf (COTS) server.

The Ensemble Network Controller (ENC) is a service aware network controller and management system. ENC is equipped with a powerful web-based graphical user interface as well as open northbound APIs. 

Ensemble Service Intelligence (ESI) delivers the industry’s first big data analytics platform that enables communications service providers to realize the benefits of NFV.

The Ensemble Service Orchestrator is an open, extensible carrier-class NFV service lifecycle management and orchestration system that coordinates virtual resources and physical network elements to create, activate and assure services using one or more virtual network functions.  

The Overture 65vSE is the industry’s first open Carrier Ethernet platform for hosting virtual network functions at the service edge. It allows communication service providers (CSPs) to instantly deploy on-demand virtualized network functions (VNF) at the customer premise to simplify operations and unleash new service innovation

Overture’s Ensemble Open Service Architecture™ is the industry’s first open architecture for software-defined services at the metro edge. Ensemble OSA optimizes service creation, activation, and assurance by bringing the benefits of the cloud to the metro edge.

The Overture 65 is the 1Gig member of the Overture Open Service Delivery family. This next generation Ethernet Access Device (EAD) combines a state-of-the-art optical Ethernet feature set with a future-friendly design at an unprecendent value point. It's the ideal Carrier Ethernet on-ramp for performance-assured mobile backhaul and enterprise cloud serives.

The Overture 6500 is a scalable, high resiliency Carrier Ethernet aggregation and switching platform that delivers performance-assured services over fiber, E-Access, copper, TDM and SONET/SDH. This flexible platform supports today’s business and cloud services, mobile backhaul, wholesale, and metro infrastructure applications.

The Overture 34 is designed for single customer Ethernet over E3 applications and gives providers a way to reach more customers—without installing costly new infrastructure.

The Overture 45 and 45+ are ideally suited for single customer Ethernet over DS3 applications and give providers a way to reach more customers—without installing costly new infrastructure.

Learn how the Overture 140M and 180M can help you reach customers easily and economically using existing T1/E1 lines and MLPPP bonding.

Learn how the Overture 140V and 180V can help you reach customers easily and economically using existing T1/E1 lines and PDH VCAT bonding.

The Overture 400 series includes award-winning Ethernet service delivery products that extend  Ethernet services to sites without access to fiber. Boasting a powerful Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) solution, the Overture 400 series quickly and economically delivers managed, symmetrical bandwidth and services at rates of up to 15 Mbps per pair over outside plant copper utilizing standards-based 2BASE-TL technology (Ethernet over Bonded Copper).

Overture introduces a new family of Ethernet-over-PDH demarcation devices. The Overture 500 series provides a cost-effective solution for bonding multiple PDH signals (T1 or E1) into a single Ethernet connection, delivering over 10 Mbps of Ethernet service capacity to any business customer regardless of rate, reach, or facility availability issues.

The Overture 600 series delivers carrier class DS1/E1, and high-speed Ethernet services over the existing copper infrastructure to the cell tower and to the customer premise. The Overture 600 series is a cost effective solution that quickly and economically delivers up to 60 Mbps of services over 4 copper pairs, essentially extending the optical service area to the those locations that are only served with copper.

The Overture 1400 delivers a high-performance, highly reliable and flexible solution for Carrier Ethernet over both native Ethernet and existing infrastructure.

The Overture 4000e is a self-contained service delivery engine. It is a purpose-built Ethernet switching and VLAN labeling platform for delivering from 2 to over 100 Mbps of symmetrical Ethernet services over a single-bonded-copper-infrastructure. Since it eliminates the need for a local optical switch, the Overture 4000 dramatically reduces latency and jitter. It effectively extends a carrier's service reach beyond their existing optical switching footprint - increasing the revenue potential while reducing CapEX. It does all of this while ensuring that Service Level Agreements are being tracked and managed

A powerful, purpose-built Ethernet demarcation platform, the Overture 4000cp can bond up to 24 voice-grade copper pairs to deliver 100s of Mbps symmetrical bandwidth to business customers and mobile towers.  It effectively extends a carriers’ service reach beyond their existing optical switching footprint - increasing the revenue potential while reducing OPEX.  It supports service delivery at speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to more than 300 Mbps over single bonded copper infrastructure.  As with other products from Overture, the 4000cp incorporates automated pair bonding capabilities for 24 pairs at up to 15 Mbps per copper pair to expedite service turn up and eliminate errors typically associated with manual configuration.

The Overture 4200 and 4300 series of multi-service edge products is a 1G Carrier Ethernet edge platform optimized for mobile backhaul applications. And with optional TDM circuit emulation pseudo-wire support, up to 24 T1s can be transported across an Ethernet network at a fraction of the cost of traditional TDM networks.

The Overture 4800 is a modular 10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet edge platform that enables service providers and network operators to economically address any 10Gbps edge application with a single high-performance solution.

Learn how to aggregate all of your TDM-based Carrier Ethernet and IP services onto the Overture 6000--bypass edge routers and simplify your aggregation strategy.

The Overture 6100 supports Ethernet over copper customer premises equipment (CPE) via the Overture 400 Series, Ethernet over Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). It also support Ethernet over DS3 and NxT1/E1 via the Overture 500 series and TDM over Ethernet CPE via the Overture 600 series with PWE3-plus--our revolutionary, patented method of simultaneously transporting native Ethernet and native TDM over copper for Mobile Backhaul solutions. The same Overture 6100 multi-service chassis will also support Ethernet over fiber interfaces.

The Overture family of repeaters and line power modules enable a service provider to ubiquitously deploy mid-band Ethernet services independent of the traditional distance limitations of copper services, reaching sites more than 25 miles (40km) from the nearest serving office. Even when distance isn’t the primary concern, the repeaters and line power modules can be used to increase the service rates to a customer, particularly when there are a limited number of lines available to the desired location