Deliver Consistent Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Service Over Any Access

The typical enterprise consists of multiple physical locations – some are connected by fiber and others are not.  The enterprise CIO wants a premium Ethernet service and wants to connect all the business locations.  And the service must offer a consistent customer experience at all locations.

Delivery Consistent Ethernet Service over Any Access


Offer consistent business Ethernet services regardless of access media


When creating a high performance Carrier Ethernet edge and aggregation network that supports dark fiber, the existing copper network, wholesale E-Access circuits and the existing TDM network, multi-vendor approaches can make it difficult to deliver a consistent, high quality managed service offering.


Use a combination of Overture’s optical Ethernet, Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over TDM products to provide fully managed premium Ethernet services from 1Mbps to 10Gbps with a consistent customer experience regardless of the media.


  • Deliver premium Ethernet service from 1Mbps to 10Gbps over any available access media
  • Comprehensive feature set for fiber, TDM, bonded Copper and E-Access ensures consistent customer experience regardless of what media is used
  • Integrated service OAM in all edge devices eliminates the need for separate NID
  • Using existing network makes service turn-up very fast
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • Standards based mapping protocols easily integrates into your network

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