Leverage E-Access and ENNI to Extend Ethernet Services Footprint

Ideally, you would deliver Ethernet business services using your own optical network.  But the reality is that no single service provider or network operator has a fiber network that reaches all business locations.  The good news is that most local operators around the world are now offering some form of wholesale Ethernet access service – and some are even in compliance with the MEF’s CE2.0 definition of E-Access.  Learn how to take advantage of E-Access services to extend your Ethernet footprint while delivering an offering that is consistent with your on-net services.


Leverage wholesale E-Access services to open up a universe of business locations that were previously un-reachable by partnering with a local operator to gain access to a number of on-net customers from a single External Network to Network Interface (ENNI) connection. 


The Overture 6500, 6000 (1GigE) and 4800 (1GigE and 10GigE) solutions include a number of features specifically designed to address the challenges of interconnecting at the ENNI to integrate E-Access into your service toolkit. These products provide support for multiple QoS profiles, virtual interface queuing, loop detection, local hair-pin switching of E-Line and E-LAN traffic, classification visibility into 3 levels of VLAN tag stacking and hundreds of Y.1731 performance monitoring flows. The Overture 6500 als provides performance-assured Ethernet over media - fiber, copper, SONET, TDM and wholesale E-Access.


As service providers look to expand their premium Ethernet services using E-Access wholesale services, they have found it difficult to maintain a consistent user experience in this multi-operator environment.  The challenges center around mapping service classes, maintaining QoS, dealing with variable treatment of service attributes and VLAN tags and the termination of a large number of OAM flows.


  • Low cost of entry compared to "big iron" switches
  • Maintain full control of QoS across multi-operator network
  • Reduce backhaul expanses by creating locally switched E-LANs and E-Line services across wholesale
  • Map VLANs and service classes to up to 3 stacked tags deep
  • Measure real-time performance assurance across multi-operator network
  • Optional support (Overture 6000) for Ethernet over T1/E1, DS3/E3 and SONET/SDH

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Ethernet over wholesale E-Access