Repurpose Existing TDM/SONET/SDH for Ethernet Services

Your business customers are asking for Ethernet services. But, much of your network infrastructure is built on a SONET/SDH/TDM foundation that wasn’t designed for Ethernet.  Learn how you can repurpose this network to deliver premium Ethernet services.


Offer premium business Ethernet services over existing SONET/SDH/TDM network.


Existing SONET/SDH/TDM equipment does not support advanced CoS and Ethernet OAM functionality required.


Use the Overture 6500 service delivery platform at either end of the SONET/SDH or DS3/E3 circuit(s) to quickly provide fully managed premium Ethernet services. The 6500 is a scalable, high resiliency Carrier Ethernet aggregation and switching platform that delivers performance-assured CE2.0 services over fiber, E-Access, copper, TDM and SONET/SDH. This flexible platform supports today’s business and cloud services, mobile backhaul, wholesale, and metro infrastructure applications. 


  • Deliver premium Ethernet service from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over existing transport
  • Reduce and defer CapEx compared to complete Ethernet overlay network
  • Eliminate the need for a separate NID with Integrated service OAM
  • Use existing network to quickly turn-up service
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • Retain reliability of underlying SONET/SDH/TDM transport
  • Integrate standards based mapping protocols into your network

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   Download the Whitepaper: Carrier Ethernet Enterprise Access Strategies

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