Router Optimization

Service providers are aggressively rolling out new Ethernet services over fiber facilities to remain competitive. They must answer demands from their enterprise customers for higher bandwidth service delivery and performance assured Ethernet via Carrier Ethernet 2.0 solutions.


Preserve expensive ports on PE routers and ensure router ports are fully optimized.


Router ports capable of delivering CE2.0 services are very expensive. This cost burden reduces margins for Ethernet business and mobile backhaul services. 


The Overture 65F10 offers state-of-the-art CE 2.0 demarcation and aggregation feature set at an unprecedented value point. Deploy the 65F10 to pre-aggregate up to 24 1GigE service end points into a single 10GigE router ports and reduce CapEx by more than 60%. 



  • Deliver premium Ethernet service from 1Mbps to 10Gbps at a very competitive value
  • Deploy in simple point-to-point applications or rings for added resiliency.
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • Reduce CapEx by 60% to deploy CE 2.0 Ethernet services
  • Lower 100M/10 GigE/1 GigE port consumption reducing service delivery cost

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