Boost Broadband with Bonded Copper DSLAM backhaul

You need to deliver more bandwidth to your broadband DSL customers, but the T1/E1 backhaul circuits to the DSLAM have reached their limit.  Learn how you can redeploy that T1/E1 copper and increase your backhaul bandwidth by 10 times! 


Increase bandwidth to remote DSLAMs


Existing T1/E1s no longer provide enough capacity for bandwidth hungry DSL users.  Laying fiber is cost prohibitive and will take years to install.  New broadband buildouts push the DSLAM further from the CO where often no fiber exists.


Use Overture Ethernet over Copper products to get a 10x improvement in backhaul bandwidth.  The Overture 400 series can deliver nearly 100 Mbps over 8 pair while the Overture 6100 can deliver over 200 Mbps using up to 32 pair.  The Overture 239 EoC repeater can be used to extend the service up to 20 miles. Overture's PWE3+ circuit over packet technology can provide optional DS1/E1 services to a DLC or business locations.


  • Increase bandwidth to DSLAM tenfold
  • Reduce and defer CapEx compared to new fiber build
  • Deliver new services to end customers faster
  • Using existing copper makes service turn-up very fast
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • Optionally deliver DS1/E1 services over the same backhaul network
  • Multi-pair bonding provides resiliency for DSLAM traffic and DS1/E1s

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