Deliver DS1 over Low Cost Carrier Ethernet

Your new packet and Ethernet network is designed for today's data-intensive services, but many of your applications still require DS1/T1 circuits - for signaling, sychronization, PRI or PBX trunking, private lines, for example.  Learn how you can take advantage of this network to deliver cost-effective DS1/T1 and Ethernet services over Carrier Ethernet using TDM psuedo-wires.


Deliver Ethernet and DS1services over a low-cost Carrier Ethernet network.


Use Overture 4200/4300 Ethernet and DS1 mulit-service edge device to deliver up to 24 DS1s and 4 ethernet services. With Overture, the DS1 pseudo-wires are designed to tolerate the worst case conditions for packet delay and delay variation to deliver DS1 performance that is identical to the TDM network.


Carrier Ethernet network does not natively support DS1.  Unpredictable network delays in a multi-hop packet network can make clock recovery and synchronization difficult.


  • DS1 circuits are identical to those delivered over the TDM network
  • Integrated service OAM eliminates the need for separate NID for Ethernet services
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • MEF 18 certification ensures performance same as SONET/SDH

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  Download out Whitepaper: Enabling High-Performance DS1/E1 Psuedo-Wires with 1588v2 Timing

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Ethernet and DS1 services over Carrier Ethernet

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