Expand Service Footprint and Reach Rural Customers

In October 2011, the FCC adopted comprehensive reforms of its Universal Service Fund (USF) and Intercarrier Compensation (ICC) systems that transformed the program into a new $4.5 billion a year Connect America Fund for broadband Internet expansion. This program makes funds available to service providers in order to accelerate broadband build-out to the 18 million Americans living in rural areas who currently have no access to robust broadband infrastructure. The Connect America Fund provides money to service providers in order to make it economically feasible for service providers to offer affordable Internet access to rural Americans. 



Given the geographically dispersed nature of these rural customers, where they can be miles apart, service providers must find cost effective means of reaching these rural customers. In many cases, a fiber-based solution is not feasible because of the the time and costs of laying new fiber. 


A dual-pronged approach that leverages the existing fiber for the short haul and Overture’s Ethernet over Copper technology for the last mile enables service providers to qualify for Connect America Fund grants while minimizing the cost of delivering these services.
According to one Overture customer who currently receives Connect America Fund grants, they avoid laying fiber at a cost of almost $35,000 per mile with an Overture Ethernet over Copper solution that cost them only them $200 per pair / per repeater hop. 


  • Reduces time from PO to Cut-over to 60 days or less
  • Removes the delay and expense laying new fiber
  • Provides increased reliable bandwidth to remote and rural customers immediately

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