Metro Inter-Office Modernization

Within a metro serving area, you need to deliver more bandwidth to your Local Service Offices (LSOs). This supports your service mix as low-bandwidth customers transition to higher bandwidth Ethernet over Fiber and Ethernet over copper service delivery.

Metro SONET backhaul from the LSO to your Central Office does not support bandwidth growth and the recurring cost is simply too high. Legacy multiservice systems can’t scale to support the growth.


The Overture 6500 Service Delivery Platform provides a 10x improvement in backhaul bandwidth. The Overture 6500 delivers Carrier Ethernet service over fiber, copper, TDM and clear channel SONET/SDH. With G.8032 v1 and v2 ring capability, the 6500 modernizes your metro backhaul. By solving both the challenge of servicing your metro backhaul and Ethernet service delivery in a single platform, you save money and your customers see a streamlined and improved service experience.



  • Up to 10x increase bandwidth to LSO
  • Reduce Opex associated with backhaul
  • High resilience with open, industry standard G.8032 v2 rings
  • More support for ENNI and fiber tail circuits
  • Simplified LSO topology means faster troubleshooting and lower downtime
  • All service from one platform means ubiquitous customer experience for Ethernet over any media

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