Reduce Edge Router and Cross Connect Costs with IP Service Aggregation

Terminating hundreds of DS1/E1, DS3/E3 and even Nx64kbps IP service connections on an edge router is no longer cost effective.  Channelized router interfaces (OC3/12, STM1/4, DS3, etc) are incredibly expensive and not a prudent use of powerful modern router’s backplane capacity.  In addition, many of the edge routers currently deployed have reached the end of their useful life and must be replaced.  Also, backhauling this traffic from local serving offices over the multiplexed TDM network is terribly inefficient and creates unnecessary monthly recurring operating expenses. Learn how you can save both CapEx and OpEx by bypassing your edge router and pre-aggregating your IP services at layer 2.


Aggregate DS1/DS3/E1 based IP services using Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet, implementing router IP encapsulations and network control protocol needed to handle IP traffic from managed CPE routers.


The Overture 6000 can address all of these challenges and terminate your IP connections at the edge, and use simple Ethernet interfaces on your routers. The Overture 6000 allows customers to use existing protocols such as IP/PPP, IP/MLPPP or IP/FR on their customer premise routers and optimize with Fast Ethernet/GigE on the service edge. The Overture 6000 provides the interworking and aggregation between these two technologies for a cost effective and scalable solution


If you are currently terminating your growing business IP services using a service edge router outfitted with a channelized DS3, SONET or SDH interface, you understand the challenges – these interfaces are expensive, strain the performance of route processors, strand capacity of high performance interface slots, and in many cases are no longer available from the manufacturer. You also understand that life might be simpler if you don’t have to deploy a router in every co-location facility.


  • Save up to 70% by eliminating channelized WAN interfaces on edge routers
  • Eliminate digital cross connect port in the TDM backhaul network
  • Multiple encapsulation protocol support means no changes to CPE router configurations
  • Edge router traffic management features requires no changes to existing service

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