Prepare for the Mobile Data Tsunami with 10GigE in Backhaul

The explosive growth of video and data services on mobile devices has created a huge dilemma as mobile operators look to provide them to expanding base of subscribers while simultaneously reducing the cost of transporting this increased traffic load. The requirement for 100’s of Mb per cell tower for 3G and 4G services is good news for backhaul providers who stand to gain new business from delivering that bandwidth.  However, it also presents fundamental business challenges for the mobile backhaul provider.


Deliver high performance Ethernet-based mobile backhaul anticipating future growth


Build a highly resilient mobile backhaul network that will sustain the long term growth in mobile data traffic. 


Use the Overture 65 and 65F10 – both next generation Ethernet Access Devices (EAD) – for cell-site service demarcation. These may be deployed in a linear point-to-point configuration on in Ethernet protected rings (G.8032) at 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. 


  • Simplify operation and reduce CapEx compared to router based solution
  • CE 2.0 compliant performance-assured Ethernet
  • High capacity network with built-in resiliency
  • Nanosecond SLA accuracy with robust reporting
  • Efficiently use available capacity with multi-CoS support
  • Able to take advantage of LTE X2 interface Multi-operator support
  • 8x reduction in latency compared to SDH based solution

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