Resilient Service Delivery

Small cell and 3G/4G mobile operators require CE 2.0 service with high network availability from their service provider. 

With the 6500 as a single Ethernet service delivery platform and the 65 at the Service Edge, service providers save CapEx, significantly reduce operational complexity and win new revenue by delivering an always-available service.


The best resiliency topology is determined by network topology, bandwidths and customer SLA. The solution set must solve both service edge at the towers and service delivery at Metro Network. Service providers need a simple solution set that enables all the resiliency topologies they may need with open, industry-open protocols. 


The Overture 6500 Service Delivery Platform and the 65 Service Edge together provide the high resiliency solution set for any topology. With industry-open Link Aggregation protocol (LAG) and G.8032 v2 ring capabilities cell towers don’t lose service, period. Overture rings enables service providers to reduce their fiber facilities expenditure and realize an 80% CapEx reduction in aggregation port costs compared to today’s point-point deployments.

By installing the 6500 Service Delivery Platform and 65 Service Edge together service providers enjoy a faster time to deployment by selecting CE 2.0 solutions with proven interop. They also save valuable dollars in lower testing time.

Resilient Service Delivery-Link Aggregation (LAG)


  • Provides parallel interfaces between two nodes
  • Protects against facility failure (1:1)
  • Can aggregate bandwidth of multiple links 
Resilient Service Delivery-G.8032 Rings


G.8032 RINGS

  • Protects by reversing ring traffic
  • Reduces CO aggregation port costs
  • Reduces fiber installation costs 
Resilience Service Delivery-G.8032 v2 Multi-Homed Rings


  • Multi-homed ring access into Metro Network
  • Protects against fiber and all equipment failures
  • Enables geographically diverse resiliency

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