Managed Virtual CPE Router

Services providers want to provide a high-value managed CPE router service, but need a more cost effective and flexible approach than deploying a router at every customer location and an expensive aggregation router port in the CO. CPE router installs consume limited CapEx budgets, and require ongoing OpEx spend for management and software upgrades. Upsell opportunities are limited, as changes to customer service typically require a new router and a truck roll. A cloud-enabled managed virtual router service powered by Ensemble OSA™ eliminates the need for a CPE router, resulting in dramatically lower CapEx, OpEx and dynamic services without a truck roll.

Managed Virtual CPE Router

Ensemble OSA Solution:

A managed virtual router service powered by Ensemble OSA reduces operational complexity, which means your support teams can provide a higher value service to more customers with less cost and lower CapEx. Upselling customers becomes easy with the agility of automated commissioning without truck rolls.
Managed virtual CPE routers with Ensemble OSA offer as much as 55% CapEx savings
and 70% OpEx savings.


  • Eliminate CPE router
  • Hub switch CapEx efficiency
  • Upsell services without truck roll
  • Pay-as-you-grow router services
  • No technology obsolescence
  • Automated commissioning
  • Service aware routing

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