Virtual Enterprise CPE (vE-CPE) Solution Pack

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) want to provide high-value managed services, but need a more flexible and cost effective approach. 
Deploying multiple CPE appliances to every customer location and relying on expensive aggregation routers in the Central Office no longer makes sense. Each CPE appliance used for routing, firewall, intrusion detection, digital voice, WAN optimization and other services is expensive and requires ongoing management and upgrade costs. Supporting multiple CPE variants increases supply chain complexity, driving up inventory, stocking and forecasting costs. In addition, service changes often require an upgraded or new appliance installation and a truck roll, limiting upsell and try-before-you-buy opportunities.

Ensemble OSA Solution:

The pre-integrated vE-CPE Ensemble Solution Pack makes it easier for service providers to create more flexible and cost-effective alternatives to today’s managed business services. An open, cloud-enabled virtual managed Enterprise (vE-CPE) service powered by Ensemble Open Service Architecture™ eliminates the need for multiple CPE appliances, resulting in a new degree of service agility along with dramatically lower both CapEx and OpEx.

The vE-CPE Ensemble Solution Pack integrates Ensemble OSA software with a set of integrated and pre-tested third-party virtual network functions (VNFs) and enablement services to provide a fully integrated managed service solution.  With the vE-CPE Solution Pack, service providers can offer performance-assured managed Enterprise services without the costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple CPE appliances.


  • Over the top service requires minimal changes to metro service network
  • Eliminates truck rolls for service turn up and upgrades
  • Enables near zero cost "try before you buy"
  • Reduced CapEx due to use of commercial off the shelf hardware
  • Pre-integrated virtual functions ensure reliable service
  • Full customization adapts to any CSP environment
  • Turnkey solution accelerates service creation
  • Centralized or distributed VNF hosting allows optimal placement of functionality based on latency, security and resource availability

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Ensemble OSA is the industry's first open architecture that brings the benefits of the cloud, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and open innovation to the metro edge. Email us today to learn more.

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