Zero Touch Commissioning

Services providers are looking for ways to accelerate service activation, while lowering their operational costs. An effective way to do this is to simplify the installation and activation of customer located demarcation gear. In the PC world, the model is referred to as “plug and play” where the user doesn’t have to do any additional configuration in order to use a peripheral. In Ensemble OSA™this is called “Zero Touch Commissioning.”

Ensemble OSA Solution:

Ensemble OSA accelerates and optimizes the entire process of activating a new customer by automating the process of device discovery, updating and configuration. The process changes from being driven by calendars and checklists to becoming automated events enabled by tools running on standard servers. 

Based on our work with a major North American service provider, Zero Touch Commissioning can result in up to a 75% reduction in installation cost and up to a 60% reduction in installation time.


  • Event driven, reduced coordination
  • Significant idle time reduction
  • Automated configuration and software installation using standard services
  • Reduced-skill installation
  • Truck rolls reduced or eliminated
  • Time-to-revenue up to 60% faster
  • Total install cost:
    • Before: $1,000 - $1,500
    • After: $250 - $750

  Download the Solution Note: ZeroTouch Commissioning

Ensemble OSA is the industry's first open architecture that brings the benefits of the cloud, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and open innovation to the metro edge. Email us today to learn more.

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