Whether you want enhanced coverage for in-warranty equipment or need to ensure that out-of-warranty equipment has uninterrupted support, Overture offers three standard support service plans designed to address our customers' individual support requirements.

Our goal is to provide superior service and support to customers who are entitled to support through product warranty, extended warranty or through one of our maintenance packages. Overture’s expanding range of pay-go services coupled with comprehensive Maintenance Level Agreement (MLA) packages provide the highest level of support for our customers’ network at the best value.

Extended Warranty MLA Support Basic MLA Support Plus MLA Support Total
Remote Technical Support (9x5) ·
Standard Repair Service 1 · ·
Customer Portal - Limited Access · ·
Accelerated Repair Service 1 Optional ·
Remote Technical Support (24x7) · ·
Customer Portal - Full Access · ·
Scheduled Case Reports / Reviews Optional · ·
Premium Repair Service 1 Optional ·
Advance Replacement Service (NBD delivery 2 Optional Optional ·
On-Site Technical Support or Resident Engineer 3 Optional ·
Product Training Credits 4 · ·
Network Performance Analysis & Optimization · ·
Spares Management 4 Optional
North America
+1 888 474 8221
+1 919 991 5475
  1. Training credits are redeemable toward Overture product training, either on-site or Web-based
  2. On-site arrival time generally is within 24 hours from customer request (US Only)
  3. Training credits are redeemable towards Overture product training, either on-site or web-based
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