Ensemble OSA is the industry's first carrier-class, analytics-driven orchestration solution for virtualized networks. It is the transformation key to creating significant cost reduction and new revenue generation for providers of communication, data, and media services.

With Ensemble OSA, CSPs and mobile operators can optimize service orchestration and delivery while boosting performance levels to rival that of hardened appliances. This transformation to virtualized service delivery enables cost-effective creation and delivery of new services and quick response to end-customer service change requests.

Ensemble OSA is the first NFV orchestration and analytics solution to match ETSI group specifications fully for NFV management and orchestration (MANO).

Ensemble osa simplifies nfv mano.

See how easy network management and orchestration can be.


Ensemble OSA enables a new generation of on-demand, application-aware services. By introducing automation, open APIs, and orchestration into the metro edge, the architecture transforms the way CSPs create, deliver, and sell network services. Made up of three logical layers and a number of independent components that are interconnected with open APIs, Ensemble OSA is designed to easily integrate into the architecture and workflow of any CSP environment.

Network Applications

Network applications are Web 2.0 based software packages that leverage one or more of the Orchestration and Control building blocks. These tie into the back office systems of the CSPs and their business partners to create a service or network function.

Orchestration and Control

The Orchestration and Control layer is the wheelhouse of virtualization. It includes multiple components that may be used together, or independently, depending on the CSP’s needs and deployment preferences.


Resources are simply the physical or virtual elements that provide connect, compute and storage functionality. They may be physical devices such as routers and firewalls or it could also mean a collection of VNFs running in a virtual machine on a COTS server.

Each layer includes Overture developed components as well those developed by third-party vendors or the CSPs themselves and communicates through a set of standards-based and open APIs.


In today’s service creation environment, developing a new service offering can take a year or more. With intense competition from new entrants, communication service providers (CSPs) are under increasing pressure to deliver services rapidly in response to changing market demands. 

Ensemble OSA reduces the cost and complexity of performance assurance by  leveraging intuitive, intelligent and automated tools. By unifyings connect, compute, and storage resources, Ensemble OSA allows service providers to introduce pay-per-use and personalized Layer 2-7 services, increase capacity, or add capabilities in real-time—all without investing in new infrastructure. 

Today's static, labor-intensive networks are transformed into dynamic, virtualized, and automated environments for service creation and delivery.

Innovation cycles accelerate and time and cost of activating customers is reduced. Assuring performance in today’s multi-vendor environment is costly, complex, and usually requires significant manual intervention

Flexibility, virtualization, programmability, and intelligence are introduced into the metro service edge.

Ensemble OSA presents valuable new opportunities to create, differentiate, and provision services, and then scale them on demand.


Ensemble OSA solutions are unique and have been honored with industry awards for innovation.

2015 NFV Pioneer Award(Ensemble Service Intelligence)
2014 NFV Pioneer Award(Ensemble Service Orchestrator)
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